Education: How I Survived as An Educator- Part I

Well, where do I begin? How did I get here?

How did I survive as a teacher.  By no means is this the end all be all for every person to follow and learn from.  This has just been my experience that helped me as an educator.  I am sharing my journey and tips that helped me become a well versed educator.  I have learned so much over the years and my goal is to share this information with the masses.  I started off using handouts and lectures to flipping my classroom and integrating technology in the classroom making learning fun.  But to understand the now you all have to be introduced to my past.  I started off unsure and very green!!! LOL!!!  I did not take into consideration that all learners are different, students are a reflections of what is spoken into them and how connected I would become.  I have taught in low, average and above average campuses.  GO and grab a snack because this series of post will be and interesting course of events.  xoxo TK Continue Reading