The Joys of Life

Thoughts of a 29 Week mom to be (I’ve given birth since then). I love to be a glowing pregnant woman creating life and bonding with my child. At this stage of my pregnancy I have the typical symptoms. Swollen hands and feet, sleepless nights, food adversions, endless trips to the restroom and so on. But I would not change this for the world.  It is always exciting to learn that a new addition to the family is on the way. But let’s also think about the changes that will occur as well. Sometimes adjustments can be hard but pre planning ahead of time can help make the transition easier. 

We have a 6 year old son who prayed every night for as long as I can remember for a sibling.  He was so discouraged each day when he thought about not having a brother or sister to play with. After many discussions about being patient he finally had some what of an understanding. We are so thankful to have had all our time dedicated to him for the past 6 years because we were able to see him grow into this Pokemon loving kiddo who is very literal. We enjoyed every minute of him being an only child until this year. Now as parents we are thinking about teaching him how to love his sister and also being willing to share our attention with her. Coming from a similar situation I understand that sometimes sharing time with others can be tough. I myself have 6 siblings who are all older than me. The youngest of the 6 is 16 years older than me.  So essentially by the time they hit 18 and older I was at home growing up in a household where I was the only child. Not saying I don’t have a relationship with my siblings but I grew up not having to share my time with my parents.  So I understand the mere fact that my son is attention seeking when others are around. 

The important or key factors I feel can benefit my son (or anyone) would be:

1. Always have set aside time for he and I. Creating an reoccurring outing for us will help him during the adjustment when his sister arrives. 

2.  Communication

3.  Including him in as many activities with the baby as possible. 

4.  Helping the two of them build a bond like no other. 

5. Always showing him love and attention. This way he can spread that love to his sister. 

6. Sharing stories about him at each stage we reach with his sister. Letting him know what he did as a newborn. 

Creating moments and time stamps for him it’s very important. All children want to know is that they are loved and important. This will also come into play once they start growing up and being in certain social situations. Trying to make sure that he understands that time can be shared between him and his siblings will show him how to treat other. This is a life lesson in its own and we are glad that this has been thought out and we are prepared. Being an only child can sometimes hinder our ability to communicate with others. We want to make sure that our son is never left out and always a part of everything. Kids show signs of wanting attention in so many ways that are not always bad. When people are gloating about the new baby I tend to see him dancing around and asking 50 questions about nothing. So that’s when I take my time and answer a few of his questions making sure that he knows he is still heard.

Baby boy we love you and you will always have our attention. 

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