Celebrate the Little things

Don’t wait until something big happens in your life to celebrate! Life is a whirlwind of situations that you may not be comfortable with.  There may be times in your life where you may not have full control.  When you feel like you want to give up…don’t!  Take a moment to find a way to stay true to who you are and celebrate the small things.  When life gives you lemons do not be afraid to make a lemon meringue pie!  Do not settle for what you think you are capable because you are more than the basic glass of lemonade.


In life the small things should be celebrated as they are important milestones just as big as any other. And life every day should be appreciated along with the small things that make us happy. Creating those small moments of happiness can impact your life on a whole other level. This can be related to small accomplishments at work or in your life. 

Celebrate early and often. Think about the number of times a student in your classroom, a coworker, family member or anyone close to you has celebrated the smallest thing but you looked at them as if they were overreacting. If someone came to me and asked me what the last thing that I celebrated was they would probably laugh because it was so small. But in my mind what is considered small?

Life is too short for you not to celebrate the small things. You are more than negativity and need moments of positivity.  Also remember that you may not find positivity from others and that is also not a healthy way to live.  Do not live through others reactions because it may not be what you expect.  Your happiness is defined by YOU and no one else. Enjoy life to the fullest and make sure that others around you know that it’s OK to celebrate life with you.


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