Educating Minds Like They Are Golden…

Lessons in life are important to go through.  How do you think your life would be if you did not go through certain situations?  Everything in my life has been a lesson that I have learned from.

Lessons are not created equally, this can also be related to the classroom.  As an educator there are different avenues that are taken to improve success rates.  There are going to be new innovative strategies each year that may or may not work.  As you grow as an educator you will be able to determine what works best for you and your students.


Teachers are not created equally.  We think differently and we prioritize differently.  There are some teachers that are placed in the classroom because the campus needs the body in the room.  Some of those teachers can become great educators and other are just babysitters.  Those that become the babysitting teacher are detrimental to student learning.  If you are in the classroom and you do not want to be there please find another profession.  At this time we have no idea where education is going.  We as educators are in the trenches and know what students need.  Do your best when you are in the classroom.  Try new things that ensure student success and continue develop your craft each year.  As an educator it will take some time to find your niche and what you are truly good at.  You may be the teacher on the team that knows more about integration of technology or lesson planning.  Once you know what you are good at use that to make your team stronger as a unit.  Planning as a team will bring clarity to what you are bringing to the classroom.

Educating minds like they are golden.  Think about it.  You are literally planting educational footprints in the minds of your students.  What you say and how you act in your classroom will live with your students for decades.  No matter your passion for teaching the students will remember each and every word you say.  Be very mindful that you are preparing your students to one day be adults.  Your students are the future.  If you do not take time out to plan an engage and meaningful relationships they can lose interest in your subject.  Therefore missing out on science or math or history related jobs.  No matter if you are a natural born teacher or a self made teacher do not forget about the needs of the audience.

WHO is MY Audience…..can they hear me?  AM I really listening??

I will never for get my first year of teaching when I thought I had it going on as a teacher.  All of the students were behaving but I did not take the time out to find out if they understood the information.  Each day I stood up and lectured for 50 minutes each class period.  The kids were quiet and worked on whatever I gave them.  And at the time that was okay with me but I was EXHAUSTED every day.  Why was I so tired?  Why were the students so robotic?  It was like I worked in a factory…I talked and the students did the paper work.  Is this what teaching should look like?  When I was in school that was what a normal classroom looked like and my parents made me study.  But this was a different generation who were more concerned about social interactions than listening to me.  It was one day when I was talking to my hubby that I realized that I was doing all of the work.  What were the students doing each class period….and was I an impact in any way?


Educating lives like they are golden….each day should be dedicated to planting seeds.  Speaking positive affirmations into students, creating lessons that are meaningful, ensure that students matter, making sure that students understand that every moment in class is a part of a life lesson.  Each day should include calculated conversations based on student understanding.  The classroom should not be handouts and teacher lectures.  Students need structure but not to be seated in classrooms for 50 minutes with no engaging conversations.  Me of all people know that there are educators that would rather lecture than build relate-able lessons for students.  This is because its easy or often a way out of doing more work.  But when you think about it these students that sit in your classroom each day can be the next president.  Not giving them all of the knowledge they need is a dis service to them.  They need us like they need food for energy.  What we give them each day is what they need to survive in the world.  We give them opportunities in class to interact with others and express their outlook on the lesson.  Do not deprive them of this.  If students just sit in your room and never speak to others could be detrimental.  Imagine if a student in trouble sits in a classroom all day and never speaks one word about being abused at home….will you be mad for not letting them talk in class?  Or will you be mad after that students commits suicide because they had no outlet.  This in no way is suppose to be a wake up call for educators but just another way to view things.


Teach your students golden life lessons.  Take the time to prepare them for what they will be exposed to in life.  Students communicate using technology so do not keep that from them.  Teach them how to interact with other through conversations.  Give them choice activities so that they can make decisions that best fit their learning styles.  Make sure they are comfortable in you classroom and be structure at the same time.  Give the a bit of freedom so that when faced with certain situations they know how to act.


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