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Every Little Step I take…..

My journey is not the same as yours. You see, my eyes don’t show me where to go and who to love…my faith and heart does. I don’t pay attention to trends and sparkles in order to think in relevant….I am relevant. I am not amused by many and your life didn’t wake me up this morning HIS 🙏🏽 did.
My journey is not the same as yours. I am undeniably me, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a mentor, an educator, an observer and much more.
My journey is not yours so please stay out of my traffic lane before you are run over by my goals and aspirations. 🚗

There is so much that people go through in a day. Have you ever taken time out to ask someone how they are feeling or even taken time to pause and LISTEN? Life takes us on a roller coaster of emotions, some of us get through the ride just fine and others throw up lunch. But are you aware of those who actually need you to listen sometimes? We can go through life thinking that we are reciprocating what we feel we give others. But sometimes that is not the case.

While your journey is not one that I may be able to handle I must ensure that I am equipped to handle it. How can one be equipped to handle someone else’s journey when the journey is not made for you? We have been given choices, issues, and people to deal with in our lives. We have to think about how to get stuff paid, what to wear, who to be with, how to kids in this society and much more. We all have our own journey and there are some who listen and there are some who don’t. I feel like sometimes people are overwhelmed with life and what issues are being brought to them. And I in no way shape or form I’m saying that I can handle the next person’s issues. But I do tend to think about walking in other people shoes and how I would handle certain situations. Being who I am I try to handle things and be strong, not cry, and just fix it! But again, my journey is not the same as others. I may not be able to handle someone being in the hospital, or being you’ve acted, or being flooded out of my home, or injustices that are in 2017. But how do we help those who do have these issues feel like everything will be OK?

Emotionally being strong enough to handle life is the struggle sometimes. It can be a struggle because life can take you places that you were not prepared to go. If something in your life takes you to a place where emotionally you are broken, just remember that you are not alone. If your faith is strong and you trust that prayer and a support system can get you through you will make it. I may not tell everyone my struggles every day, every moment, but don’t think for one minute I don’t struggle. There are people in this world who wear the world on their shoulders. They struggle with other peoples problems because they want to fix it. Those people need to understand that everything is not fixable. 

But being there for the people who need it is the most important thing. Always be a listening ear for those who need it. Sometimes people need a moment to get things off their chest and to put it in the atmosphere for them to get over it. Others want to just talk and get the opinions of others.  For those who feel like no one is listening here’s my advice to you:

  1. Never give up.
  2. If you feel like talking to someone then by all means communicate with someone. If that means you writing everything out on the piece of paper just to get it out, then do that.
  3. Try not to sit and dwell on the negative’s. I know that may be hard to do because sometimes in life there are nothing but negative things happening. But I found that if you get the negatives out with her in conversation or on paper you tend to feel like the load is a little lighter.
  4. Create a happy routine. A routine of things that will bring a smile to your face and take you out of the negativity. 

Here is my advice to those people who are always a listening ear:

  1. Don’t be discouraged when others don’t take the time out to be your listening ear.
  2. Make sure that you let go of other peoples problems as they are expressing them to you.
  3. Give your advice to people and always think outside of the box. Do not bias us.
  4. Take time out to process what you heard and then give advice.

In life there are those people who tend to bring their problems to you but never sit down and listen to the problems of other people. This in fact is not fair. But it is life. Always make sure that if you are struggling with an issue and you feel like no one wants to listen write it down and get it out. Pray about it. Do not harbor your problems and let them eat away at you. Sometimes people say they care but don’t care to listen to your problems ….but don’t take that to heart. It’s not to say that they don’t care about you that’s just in their nature. Think of it as a journey, not everyone drives the same car and listens to the same music but we do have a journey and an end destination. So my journey may not be the same as yours. I tend to listen, give advice, harbor the feeling during that conversation and I try to think of ways to fix it. Not everyone is like that. So for me I chose to talk about a journey because I feel like in life we are dealt different avenues to drive on but in our minds the maps are different.


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