Undeniably TK


Welcome to my world, a world where I share my thoughts and pieces of me. My blog will include insight/tips about being an educator, DIY projects, family, fashion, makeup and much more.  I reside in the Lone Star State and welcome you all with southern charm.  I have been an educator for 11 years and love every moment of it. I tend to be an introvert but Lord knows I feel like I am the total opposite in certain situations.

I like to sit back and take note of things and ponder on them for days. I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and to be honest I really have the spirit of trying to fix everything. My husband can attest to that LOL. My journey is not like any other. I am undeniably me.

My family is small but we love hard. I come from a long line of people who love hard and help others. My family comes from the beautiful island of Jamaica and I was born in the BIG City of New York. I enjoy may different things and I have so much to say.

Pull up a cyber seat and enjoy what I have to share with you.



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